I recently undertook a 50 day profressional training package designed to train students in Cyberspace Operations. The course was deviced into three modules - a Blue Module, a Red Module and a Combined (Red vs Blue) Module. The course was excellent and presented a wide range of topics within Cyber Security. Throughout the course I looked up additional resources to further my learning and I have decided to compile them on my Github. These learning resources are useful for students who are looking to undertake the course as a form of pre-reading (you are not expected to know everything prior to the course! but a brief overview of the topics will allow you to excel and get more out of it). These learning resources are also useful for students who have completed the course and wish to continue their learning in certain topics and expand the knowledge gained from the course.

Also available are links to the tools used during the course. This will allow students who have completed the course to download the open source tools used and continue their training. The Tools and Learning Resources pages will be actively maintained via my Github. However, for those who cannot access my Github page the learning resources are detailed below (correct as at the date of this post).

Blue Module

Cyber 101

Intrusion Analysis and Detection

Wireless Security

Reverse Engineering

Digital Forensics

Cyber Deception

Red Module

Introduction to Penetration Testing

Introduction to Python Scripting

Tactical Cyber Techniques

Introduction to Exploit Development

Red vs Blue - Collective Module

Computer Network Operations

Network Security Operations

Red vs Blue Activity

Additional Material

General Information Security/Cyber Sites

Cheat Sheets

YouTube Channels

Vulnerable OS/CTF Challenges


Privilege Escalation

Malware Analysis


Online News Sources