Vulnhub - Lin.Security Walkthrough

Lin.Security is a Boot to Root CTF available here on Vulnhub. It’s difficulty is rated as Easy/Intermediate. I could not get this VM to work in VMWare, however had success with VirtualBox. Additionally, this VM provides you with a set of credentials to begin with. I only used these credentials... [Read More]

Baby Monitor Beat Up

Following on from my previous breakdown of a Baby Monitor, I decided to give it another shot. Sadly, this time I did not have the success that I wanted, but it has brought to light some new attack pathways which I initially did not consider. Anyway, here are the details... [Read More]
Tags: Security IOT

Baby Monitor Breakdown

Whilst preparing for a presentation on Wireless Security; where I analyse two wireless security systems and demonstrate their flaws I realised how much I enjoy taking a piece of tech and breaking it down and looking at it through a security lense. After tearing down a Baby Monitor last year... [Read More]
Tags: Security IOT