I seem to have caught a bug. Its been wonderful seeing the positive response to my first two vulnerable VM’s Raven and Raven2 that I wanted to give it another shot. This one is a bit different and I hope will provide a unique challenge to those that attempt it. I’d like to say this is a beginner/intermediate level VM, but i am leaning more towards the intermediate side.

For those that may have issues with this VM (i.e the 502 error you may recieve) be patient, give it a couple of minutes and refresh your browser a few times. If you keep seeing it you may need to restart the VM. I do apologise if you have issues - they seem to be random, so you may not even see them!

Once again, I have submitted this to Vulnhub and hopefully it features there soon. In the mean time you can Download the VM from my Google Drive.

I love seeing people complete my VM’s on twitter and I absolutely love reading walkthroughs, so if you complete it or write one up - please let me know!