Hello World! Well this is the beginning of my first adventure into the world of blogging. Yes, I am hosting via GitHub pages, it makes the most sense - its easy to manage, its easy to maintain, the price is right (well its free) and gives me all the flexibility i want.

So what will this blog cover? Well, I am studying a Masters in Cyber Security after having completed a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Information Systems about 10 years ago. So I will blog about my experiences through that, as well as anything else that I see interesting in the Cyber/Information Security field.

You will note that I describe myself as a Horrible Computer Scientist, just a quick look through my GitHub account should confirm that statement. I do my best, but a lot of what I do seems to be hacking together code to just get things done. I’m not pretty, but it works. It could be more efficient, but it works. It just seems that is what my life/career has needed at the time and it has worked for me.

At this stage, I have no ideea how often I will post to this blog. But I hope if you stumble across this you might find something interesting or helpful.